Sunday, March 08, 2015

You think I have problems? Romanian Doctor

Have a read of what Steve Rowe had to go through so you can understand why I was worried

Steve Rowe And severed 6 quadriceps in a 

subsequent fall, 2 more 5 hour attempted and

 failed rebuilds an MRSA infection, a 

debridement surgery, a 3rd knee replacement

 with antibiotic spacer and cement and 3

 months of intravenous antibiotics. It was hell

 and has left me crippled and on crutches. 

I feel for you - very unpleasant. Get well soon,

 they need you back on the mats!

Most of you know that I believe that the EU is an undemocratic dictatorship and is just a version of the old Soviet Union. I also want to see immigration stopped, yet we all take it for granted that all EU  workers in the UK like the the EU. Well I was in for a shock one of the doctors at the hospital I am in is Romanian, she works a week in GB then returns home for a week. She also thinks the EU is a bad thing for Romania, it seems under the Communist regime the country was self sufficient it had industry and Agriculture. Since its freedom from Communism and entry into the EU this has all changed. The biggest problem is the freedom of movement and now they have no industry and what I feel is astonishing is their Agriculture has collapsed. They now import most of their food including basics like potatoes at a very high cost. So the freedom of movement may suit the individuals but not the country as a whole and the people who cannot leave which is mainly the elderly. SO ANOTHER GOOD REASON TO LEAVE THE EU

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