Monday, March 23, 2015

Like Nigel but will vote Conservative

The only different political party who now stands up for the working man is UKIP and Nigel Farage who I have lot of respect. Will I vote UKIP? NO Why? Because I want a referendum on Europe and the only party who can make a government and offer that is the Conservatives so they will get my vote. Mind you if Labour/SNP get into power that will not happen both of them want to entrench us more into the EU and if rumours are true they will make it illegal for us to leave the Corrupt EU

As I said I admire Nigel Farage so I bought his book not the most riveting read but some interesting facts. He asked the Question:
“If you were asked to join the EU now, would you join a club that charges £55 million a day as a membership fee? Would you join a club that would impose thousands of new laws over which your own Parliament, nor you had any say? Would you join a club that would open your borders to 485 million people who can live in your country, bring their families and do as they wish?

Can we remind ourselves that the Labour Government who opened the door to immigration said only 13,000 Eastern Europeans would come to the UK even Nick Clegg said it would be a “wee trickle” 7.5 million immigrants now live in the UK thats the legals ones ask yourself how many more can we take?

If the Polls are right we will get a Labour Government supported by the Scottish Nationalists and this will be a ultra Left wing government similar to the old Soviet Union. According to SNP Salmon they will decide the finances and defence strategy God help us! With Labour in power the doors will open even wider for immigration, benefits will sore, minority groups like the Gay organisation StoneWall, RSPCA etc will get even more power and influence without being elected.

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