Sunday, March 22, 2015

KeyHole Surgery

Well here I am in the Spire Alexander Hospital for the 3rd time as my replacement knee is infected.
Yesterday after starving myself for 14 hours I had my Key Hole surgery, the surgeon told me that their was not as much in infection as he had anticipated which was good for me. So the knee was washed out and loads of antibiotics were put into the joint, this will be followed for between 3 or 5 days of antibiotics being given intravenously and hopefully this will be the end of the problem, will know tomorrow if my blood counts goes down. This was the first time I have had an operation and been fully awake, they give you a spinal anaesthetic which freezes everything below your waste for about 5 hours. This was quite a unique occasion for me and not an unpleasant one, spending hour talking to nurses and looking at Laptop. The big advantage is you do not have after effects as you do if you are put under but I not sure I would like it if they were using saws and hammers.
As I mentioned I paid £10,500 on this operation and I am glad I did I would not have got the follow up treatment as I did here on the NHS, the hospital and staff were excellent .

It was interesting to note my NHS treatment was meant to be in January and because of typical NHS incompetence I was told my appointment with the New Surgeon would be at the end of March and then there would be a 15 week wait. This was not a case of lack of money but a case of inefficiency  

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