Saturday, April 03, 2010

Student Brats

8,000 British students descend on a Spanish family holiday resort and go on drunken spree.
Yes Students those spoilt Brats who mummy and daddy say have got no money and when the finish Uni they are massively in debt. No wonder they are in debt they spend most of their money on Booze, sex and drugs. When they finish Uni they must have their Gap year this is a year where they swan of round the World at mummy and daddy's expense but we are told it is very important for their personal development and extending their life skills. Can you imagine a youngster on a Council estate being able to swan of round the world or what about the Kid who leaves school and get a job in Mcdonalds. If mummy and daddy want pay for them all well and good but stop whinging about how much it cost.

What they should do is stop grants altogether and put a percentage on the students tax when they leave Uni and gets a job he/she pays this for the full period of his working life before you start complaining, the reason they went to uni is to get a good job with good money so they can afford it. For those who enter a career such as teaching which compared to some jobs is low payed and it is a Vocation they could be exempt from the extra tax. Why should those on low wage help contribute to a Uni education which help them get rich.

They should cut down students Holidays to three x two week holidys this could then reduce Uni Course by a 1/3 saving everyone money

Finally do we the Tax Payer get value for money from those who have a Uni education???

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