Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blair Peach died 30 years ago

Blair Peach was killed 30 years whilst participating in an anti National Front demo. They claim he was killed by a Police Officer who hit him on the head. If this true it is a terrable thing but surely the demonstrators must take some of the blame themselves. Of course the anti NF demonstrators went there as a peaceful demonstraion so they say but they must all been aware that this type of demo would end in violence and I am sorry to have to say this so did Blair Peach. What of the Police who were trying to keep the two demos apart, they were faced with violent, hated filled mob content on hurting someone even if that was a Policeman. A peaceful demonstration would have dispursed when the Police asked them. It seems to me these demonstrators do not want a Police presence they want free range to intimidate and hurt anyone who does not agree with their aims and they maintain that is democracy?

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