Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nick Clegg helps a Labour Victory

Well I watched the Leaders Debate and found the whole thing uninspiring, I totally agree that Nick Clegg performed the best but do we want some one who looks like an X factor winner or do we want someone who can be Prime Minister? Both David Cameron and Gordon Brown look like Prime Minister the latter looking tired and worn out the former had a lot of vigour and energy but he did come across as wooden and of course Nick Clegg will never be Prime Minister no matter what the Polls say. Yet a vote for him and his Party could put Labour Party back in power. A poll commissioned by the Sun put Conservatives on 33% LibDems 30% Labour 28% you would have thought that puts Labour out of the race on the contrary Labour would still have the most seats in Parliament followed by the Conservatives and LibDems would have approx 100 seats. Now if that ever happened how any one suggest we live in a Democratic Country when the Majority of the Country voted against the Labour Party and they become the 3rd party in terms of people voting for them.
The one thing we must all be aware of is a Vote for the Conservative will help this country get rid of Gordon Brown and the Labour Party a vote for any other party will let the Labour Party continue to run this country that is fact. The first past the post election system is no linger a fair democratic system and a system I supported for many years must be replaced by Proportionate Representation

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