Saturday, April 10, 2010

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The Labour Government have open the doors to immigration without a thought to how the British people will be effected It was pointed out that since 1997 when Labour came into power 93% of all new jobs went to Foreigners. Of course Greedy Farmers and builders want these low paid workers who will work very long hours for less money then there British counter part and before you say well British Workers will have to take lower wages British workers have families, mortgages, rent, Council tax, Road tax and insurance compare that with foreign workers who share houses 4 to a room, share food, very rarely pay Council Tax as for cars all they need to do is bring one from say Poland for 6 months then return to Poland and get another one no Road Tax and no record on our National Computer.Lets not forget a lot of these foreign workers are in the EU and are entitled to collect our benefits it is not unusual for these workers to collect Child Allowance in both countries and it is not unusual for them to claim for non existent children and we can not check.
A recent TV programme showed some out of work English people being taken on for a trial work period obviously the BBC picked a bunch of English losers with the exception of three Carpenter and two middle aged guys who were forced into redundancy. the carpenter came up trumps as did the other guys. What struck was the attitude of the Fat Red Faced Farmer who given three the chance to earn money digging up Asparagus because they had never done it before they were painfully slow. The Fat Farmers reaction was you are know good to me asked if he could give them some training his reaction was that would cost me money! So where do British Workers get trained? Two guys went to a packing station and they fared well after day they kept up with all others and told if they applied for a job they would be considered they applied and guess what there was no place for British Workers, What was interesting with these two they were expected work a minimum of 5 x 12 hour shifts 60 hour week, how long did the Unions fight for a 40 hour week so where are the Unions now when they are needed?
The Labour loves these immigrants because guess who they vote for yes Labour so we could have the scenario that we have a labour government voted in on the back of foreign immigrants.

What to do throw them all out those who want to work re apply with details that can be checked, those who have entered the country illegally and refused to give identity must be imprison as they have deliberately broken the law.

Why have I brought this up because the experimental jobs were done Cambridge shire and article appeared in the Mail about this subject

Migrant city's cry for help: Anguished letter to Brown and Cameron reveals devastating toll of immigration on schools, housing and hospitals

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