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Saturday, April 03, 2010
Legalise Drugs?
I have just been listening to a debate on Question Time about legalising Drugs the main thrust of the debate was that we are losing the War against Drugs and it should be legalised.

Those “For” quoted the amount of money spent and how we are criminalising people because of their habit and those who want to keep it illegal say we should get the main suppliers

Well I detest drugs and if I were in charge anyone caught with drugs would be jailed yes I would need more jails yes it would upset the Professional Classes whose offspring would be jailed and have a criminal record but everyone would think twice about starting on drugs as for those already hooked, collateral damage they had a choice after all.
Choice is the most important thing stop making excuses for addict etc treat them with disdain in the Great depression there was not the drug taking like today.

Yet after spouting of, what I have suggested will not happen the Politicians will not have the guts to do it, the Professional Classes who run the Politicians will not allow it and the do gooders who earn millions trying to cure these pathetic people will not give up there lucrative trade.
So eventually it will be legalised, and it will be taxed and instead of Gangsters making money from this evil trade the Government will! Those who want it legalised say usage will go down and more money will be available to cure addicts? The Government takes money from a substance that makes people ill then pays it back to cure them? instead of less people using more people will use because it is legal it must be harmless No government would intentionally give you something that is harmful not knowingly? Since the Licensing laws were relaxed there has been a steady increase in the sales of alcohol and alcohol abuse is common Moe youngster are drinking so much so by the time they are 14 it is a natural occurrence at weekends.
What of the work place will an employer be able to stop a worker using drugs? would they be infringing there human rights if they tried stopping them?
Final point why do you need to take drugs? are individuals that weak they have to say yes to drugs? Could all drug takers stand up and say Ba Ba

Martin Clarke
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