Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Do you feel better in 2010

On Radio 4 they asked do we as individuals feel better in 2010 then we did in 1997 Well for one as Conservative felt fed up with Conservative Government of the Day I obviously hoped we would get back in Power rather the New Labour. Yet when Tony Blair got in everyone said he was a Tory in Labour clothing I thought are well give it a go. How wrong I was the last 13 years have been the worst in my life for me, my family and friends. I will quote my own details as we build up to the election

Revealed: Hospital has staff from 70 countries as nurses who don't even understand 'nil by mouth' forced to take English lessons
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1263803/Revealed-Hospital-staff-70-countries-nurses-dont-understand-nil-mouth-forced-English-lessons.html#ixzz0kJ0FaETo

This article just highlights one of the problems in this country far to many foreigners who British Workers pay down. The argument in 1997 that we need foreign Nurses Doctors etc may have been justified but why in 13 years have we not trained enough Doctors and Nurses from our own Country? To say we can not afford better pay for trained staff is rubbish cut right back on the bureaucracy

My own experience with Medway hospital when it came to my two operation Replacement Knee 2009 Replacement hip 2010 was excellent my Surgeon Mr Samsami was top class as was his staff. The build up was a different matter 5 year wait for my knee with two cancelled Operations, appointments 3 hours late, 1 1/2 wait for a blood test was appalling but again this was an admin problem bad management
My own experience in have

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