Friday, April 09, 2010

Local Man for the local people

For the sake of balance can I reply to Terry Parker who tell your readers to “Vote Labour” There are many things about this Government I detest mishandling of the economy, increase in crime, increase in drug and alcohol abuse, massive immigration with 93% all new jobs going to foreigners since 1997 (Government Figures), massive unemployment for British Workers, how they spent more time debating Fox hunting and Homosexual rights then they did our soldiers going to war and then not equipping them properly etc. The Government of the day are judged on what they have done.
The last Parliament saw many MP’s from all parties being exposed as cheats even our last MP Derek Wyatt came under the magnifying Glass for expenses and where he lived and what he was claiming for? And it seems unjust that he takes the credit for Sheppey Bridge considering the hard work done by councillors form all parties on the local Council, mind you it doesn’t say a lot about Derek Wyatt that he can only boast two things that he has done in 13 years, I can understand him deciding to leave just before an election I feel sorry for the Labour Candidate Angela Harrison who had to be put in as last minute Stop Gap, So the time has come for some new brooms in Parliament to sweep out the rot of the last lot and that includes all parties. I have known Gordon for over 20 years I found him to be honest and his own man a local man, even the Troy hierarchy tried to fly in one of their special candidates but us local Tories stopped them and we had chosen a man we new and trusted. Dennis Grover complains he is to much of his own man and should be an independent, rubbish he like me believes the Conservative Party is the Political Party that hold most of his views not all and he will be great asset to the people of Swale and the Conservative Party because he is no a Lap Dog of the party that may be hard for the Labour Supporters to understand, remember the guy who was thrown out of the Labour Party Conference for heckling not much freedom there. In the 13 years Derek Wyatt has been MP for this Constituency he has never visited one of our International Martial Arts Tournaments we have held at the Swallows he has never visited any of the Martial arts Clubs dotted round the Town, Gordon has been to many and Sir Roger Moate was a regular visitor as were past Labour Mayors and LibDems Mayors like Brian Austin even though he was not a Conservative he was well respected and I am pleased to say a friend of myself and our Club If he were alive today and stood for Parliament Gordon would have a match on, two well liked respected men in battle sadly not to be. You can not blame Wyatt he was not a local man so did not know the people or the area and after 13 years he still doesn’t except for a few areas on Sheppey where they had Labour Councillors.
So I say do not just vote Conservative vote Gordon Henderson a “Local Man for Local needs”
Sorry I did not mention the LibDems candidates I am not sure they have chosen one yet

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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