Saturday, April 17, 2010

LIBDEM Policies

Pulled this of the internet what one guy thought of LibDem Policies makes interesting reading

Do you really reallywant to join the Euro and join Greece as a basket case economy?
Do you really want your country to be undefended in an uncertain world because we can not afford to defend ourselves or naively think we can guarantee a nuclear power may never threaten us in the future?
Do you really want to give amnesty to between 500,000 and I,000,000 (yes that's I million) illegal immigrants?
Do you really believe that the Liberals are right to bribe the electorate with £17BN when that money could be used to reduce the defecit?
Do you really want to see the pound get a hammering after the election in a hung parliament?
Do you really want another 5 years of Gordon Brown? Do you really believe the Liberal Party are the goody two shoes of this shameful parliament when they have yet to repay a donation of £2.4M from a convicted fraudster and some of their MP's have been up to their necks in the trough?
If you can answer YES to these questions you are ready to vote Liberal!

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