Sunday, April 11, 2010

PC Madness

3 peoples lives have been destroyed by the Labour Government Political Correctness regime led by Harriet Harman fondly known as Harriet Hateman.
Roy Amore literately lost his life because of a PC Informers these people are like in the old days of Communism where the government encouraged people to spy on their neighbours
So what was it that he done so wrong He suggested to a black colleague that he ‘better hide’ when they noticed immigration officers outside their clinic, it was not his black mate who reported him, in fact he laughed it off, it was someone else who was ear wigging. He was so upset about the accusation he shot himself, I hope the ear winger feels good about himself. Read the article below

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Next two experienced marines were Court Martialed for hitting a Bomber with a Wellington Boot. Yes, this Marine with 18 years’ service hit a Taliban bomber suspect, cutting his lip. When the accusation went to a Court Martial the bomber had escaped and could not give evidence has this country gone mad?

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How can anyone in their right mind vote Labour

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