Thursday, April 15, 2010

£7600 to pay

In our local paper last week a Christopher Shrubsall was prosecuted for claiming Housing Benefit Fraudulently, he claimed £7,600 according to the paper he was punished by having to pay £200 in costs and given 60 hours Community Service something it highly unlikely he will complete if he doesn’t have to pay back the benefit his hourly rate will be approx £126. That is not a bad exchange and they say crime doesn't pay? But thankfully this is not the case he has to pay the full ammount he claimed back to the Council
Also in the paper Stephen Silk was jailed for 3 ½ years for counterfeiting £1 pond coins if he was such a good tradesman why did he not do a legitimate job plus why does he get 3 ½ years and the benefit cheat only get 60 hours Community Service? why wasn't he made to pay back what he had earn't that would be a harder job then going to Prison and we the tax payer would get something back in return

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