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Englishmans Home is his castle or is it?

Englishman Home is his Castle or is it?
Part 1
Since the age of 17 I have been active in International Judo and Sombo Wrestling from 17 to 51, I competed as an International Player plus I have been very active in the Admin side at home and on the International scene, in this period I have had to share rooms with other Male Athletes why because we were on a limited budget. In all that time I was never asked if I was Homosexual (I a not I might hasten to add) and that was in a time when Hotels would turn away normal couples if there were not married.
So the present fuss over two Homosexual being refused accommodation in a Guest House does make me wonder whether the owners of the guest house were set up by Gay Militant activist.
Maybe the time has come to look into the background of Michael Black and John Morgan did they know about this Guest house and did they deliberately tell the owners they were Homosexual, If they did, what for and why?

Part 2

I own Flats and Bed sits and I ask my tenants many questions:
1) Are they British, do they hold a British passport
2) Do they have a criminal record
3) Would they object to having a CRB check
4) References from Employers, previous landlords
Etc. What I do not ask is whether they are Homosexual or normal sexed, I also do not ask what race or religion they are, I feel that it is there own private affair.
Would I refuse to rent a room to a Homosexual Couple, as I would not ask I would not know? If they were trying to make a point by telling me I would have to reconsider because the question would be “Why are they telling me this, I never asked, have they some alliterative motive”
With regard to my Bed Sits I have had Homosexuals (I knew them as they worked for me) rent rooms but would not let them share a room as the Bed sits are in my house.
Some years ago I managed a Bar and Function Hall for my mother and had a booking for a reception after a Civil Partnership, my first reaction was take the booking after all business is business but I would get extra staff in, as the thought of men smooching etc did not appeal to me. When I told my mother, a devout Catholic, she said NO way. When I said there could be trouble she said God is my Judge not a Labour Government”
So well done Chris Grayling for telling people the obvious you have who you want in your own house.

Part 2

In amateur sports if you want a grant you have to fill in forms, in fact if you want to be a member of a governing body you have to fill an array of forms. Most of which has nothing do with my you want money but about Government survey.
They ask questions such as
1) What race are your members and you and they give you about 20 different varieties
2) What Religion are your members
3) Are your members Heterosexual, Bisexual or homosexual

There are many more questions but these are the objectionable ones plus the one that insist you have people from ethnic minorities on your committee even though you may not have any ethnic minorities in your club.

I forgot to mention ours is a Judo club and since it was formed in 1957 we have had a policy of welcoming everyone. So what has any of the questions above got to do with participating in JUDO?
In fact we have put into our constitution that the above three should not be asked as infringes there right to privacy.

This Government is obsessed with Control and it far to influenced by minority groups just because the media and Showbiz have a high percentage of Homosexuals and Bisexual does not mean the whole of the country is the same, Politician should get out of London and meet real people

Finally you may not agree with Homosexuals living together but you can say it is a life style but how can you say that about Bisexuals that is just a perversion

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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