Friday, April 23, 2010

NICK CLEGG is a con

David Cameron had a much better debate last night I thought he had the edge over the other two, I did expect a lot more from Nick Clegg but he looked haggered and tired.It seems that his bubble is beginning to burst with more inforamtion coming out about his policies, recieving suspect money, accusing GB of being more giulty then Germany for WW11. What outstanded me in the first debate how this complete political novice done so well in the first debate but I now found out he is not a novice, he has been a politcal lobbyist, a MEP and most importantly and PR man. Yes a PR man no wonder he was good on the TV that once was his job. His persona of creating a new Political world is rubbish he is part of the establishment especially as his party is older then the Labour Party.

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