Wednesday, April 07, 2010


A few day ago I wrote a letter to the press stating that I thought the fuss caused by the Homosexuals regarding being refused a B&B. I thought this was a set up by one of the Homo’s Jack Mr Morgan, 56, leader of the Liberal Democrats on Huntingdon council in Cambridgeshire, as a gimmick as we were near an election. Moving on I saw an article that said some Hotel and guest houses cater purely for Homosexuals, after Googling I found a sight which cater purely for Homo’s and found lots of sights that were Homosexual Friendly (They use the slang word Gay) but was interesting I did find some which catered purely for Lesbian and Women only, Now does that break the law? Plus it did not take me long to find a Hotel for Gays only it is “GUYZ HOTEL Blackpool” On their website there openly say the following “This Hotel is run by Gay People for Gay People” it goes on to warn Homosexuals about other hotels are trying to get in on the Pink Pound who not totally GAY “ If you are looking for a specifically Gay Hotel be sure to ask if it is exclusively Gay when booking to avoid disappointment” Now I wonder what the Labour party, Liberal Party and Mr Morgan say about that? Or is just Christians who can be persecuted?

The Militant Homosexual continue to bleat on about how they are normal yet they want extra rights, yet they still have reputation for Sexual promiscuity and sexual deviation, a reputation surely they would want to lose, thing like Gay Pride Marches promote this reputation but what I found interesting was the following advert on the net at a site Kent’s Gay Bed and Breakfast

Please note the Grey square which advertise Cruising grounds in Kent when you click on a link comes up to all the places you can pick up men for sex.
Well what do you think

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne Kent

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