Saturday, November 03, 2012

Police Chief and Jimmy Saville

Dear Editor

In your last weeks paper you featured an article on the election for the job of County Police Commissioner can I say that I have had only one piece of information from any candidate and that was the Conservative one and I expect that was because I am normally a Conservative voter. Yet I have emailed all of them the following question and not one has bothered to reply to me

1)   If elected will you be focusing on Police work rather then Social issues
2)   Will you continue to waste money on such issue as promoting Homosexual, Lesbian and Bisexual lifestyle I refer to the annual Fair at Police HQ for this group of people
3)   Will you be promoting equal opportunities including banning discrimination such as Positive Discrimination, which favours, Homosexuals, lesbians, females and Ethnic minorities over and above White Heterosexual men.
4)   Will you be recruiting on a ability rather then on their sexual habits, gender and ethnicity
If I do not get answers I will not vote for any of them and I have strong doubts whether any of them will be able to alter the direction of this Kent Police Service, like most Police Services in this country the top echelon are more interested in promoting their own politics and self-interest. The time has come for each Borough to have their Sheriff like in the USA then you will see a difference.

Martin Clarke

 The Jimmy Saville business has proved beyond doubt he was a pedophile and the BBC and NHS must hang their head in shame its seems more information is coming to the fore about their disgusting habits of their staff and those who knew about it and looked the other way are just as bad. Yet how do you prove that someone was assaulted all those years ago, take Freddie Starr he has been accused by one women that he groped her. If she has no witnesses it is just her word against his so why have the Police arrested him? He may have done it but then again he may not have done but his name has been tarnished by the say so of one women and that is not justice. The same can not be said of Jimmy Saville as their has been too many people telling us what he was like. 
I have never been one for hero worship and idolisation especially when it comes to celebrities and stars, I appreciate their talent and ability plus enjoy their music and films. Yet I do respect some Armed Forces Personal, Politicians, Doctors, Teachers etc they are far more then entertainers which society seems obsessed with. Apart from Jesus and my own parents there only maybe three people who have really influenced me and they were Geoff Gleeson, Margaret Thatcher and Enoch Powell

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