Thursday, November 01, 2012

War Time Farm and EU

I have been watching “Wartime Farm” on the Yesterday Channel very interesting, what surprised me was the way our government acted to Farmers. Enforcing them to grow crops on land which the farmers knew was unsuitable but if they did not do as they were told they could lose their farm and be imprisoned; Livestock was slaughtered because they needed feeding some breeds becoming extinct, makes you think that war is not just about violence and killing.

While at my favourite little café in Bredgar I was discussing this with a Farm Manager, he said they also grubbed tens of Thousands of acres of orchards he then said something remarkable “Time has come to do the same today” He went on to say that the Supermarkets dominated what we pick and what we grow, every piece of fruit must not be blemished in any way anything not perfect is left on the floor, the waste is terrible. You can no longer pick up drops for Cider as the EU tells us that there will be soil contamination, blemished fruit can no longer be sold and cheap subsidised imports can make it not worth while picking. He quoted one pear plantation that all the fruit was left to drop,  one wonders why we are still in the EU.

Another interesting item on the radio was a book reading about Communist China it seems some decades ago one province was left to starve with 1.5 million dying of starvation while the party officials were hoarding grain and live stock for themselves and having sumptuous banquets. Reminds me of the recent debate in Parliament where the European Union want to increase their spending well above inflation. So EU Officials get richer and fatter while people in Italy, Spain and Greece starve. Well done those voted against the Government and them bargain for a reduction in spending on the EU Dictatorship

Martin Clarke

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