Monday, November 26, 2012

An answer to ModPlod

It is true am naturally a UKIP supporter but I am also a pragmatist They will never be in a Government so you either do not vote or choose one of the other 3 parties

So I no longer vote for the Conservative party per-say because this Government has gone back on its pledges and there will never be a vote on whether we stay in Europe no matter who is power  they will come with some fudge.The only way forward is to have an armed revolution, that will never happen because it is not the English way.

Now I vote on the individual and both Gordon and Andrew Bowles are on the same wavelength as me but being experienced politicians they may choose their words more carefully then me and rightly so.

The UK is no longer a democratic country our representatives i.e. MP are supposed to represent the views of their constituants which the majority of them refuse to do. I would like power handed back to the people and maybe go the way of the Swiss and have referendum on every major issue which would be binding on Parliament. Yet like Turkeys they will never vote for Christmas hence the reason they want to stop in the EU

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