Thursday, November 01, 2012

Get a Blog

I had these comments from a fellow blogger makes real interesting reading. If it was not for the World Wide Web would he have the chance to air his feelings? You do not have to agree with him but as was said "I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it" -Voltaire
 So come all of you get blogging

modplod said...
I watched Palin's tour of Brazil last night. The BBC editors made a big thing about supporting the indiginous tribes identity and culture. Apparently these tribes are living in the dark ages and deserve our protection? Okay, if this is so what about the WHITE indiginous peoples of the British Isles? No mention of them at all on the BBC. The WHITE people who made this once great country are put at the back of the queue for everything these days despite the fact it was these WHITES who actually paid for all the systems (NHS etc). The WHITE peoples of the UK don't deserve any kind of protection from the state. But minorities such as non whites, homosexuals, lesbians etc somehow do deserve protection and special treatment? Get used to it, it's what the British people voted for... Every single election we foolish Brits vote for either LABOUR or TORY despite the fact it's these parties who devise such unfairness. Behold our next LABOUR government. Yes the same old shower of sH1TE that bankrupted the country and opened the immigration floodgates from 1997! Yes get used to it, our next government as voted by the foolish WHITE people will be the same bunch of self serving traitor politicians as before!!!! Don't you just love democracy?
modplod said...
Our democratic political system goes like this - Lab, Con, Con, Con, Lab, Lab, Lab, Con, Lab, Lab, Lab, Con, Con, Lab...... and so on......

None of us has the intelligence to realise we are being had (shafted)!

We are well on the way to the Second English Civil War where Christians will be fighting Muslims.

With only 80,000 soldiers and 120,000 police the REAL British people will be hard pressed to win this fight. Amassed against them are 4 Million Plus Muslims (and counting).

The Muslims are out-breeding Whites by 10 to 1.

Our feeble traitor politicians are doing nothing to stop this.
modplod said...
Better shut up otherwise Tony Blair's thought police will be knocking on my front door! That is the kind of place this country has become. Sleepwalking towards a police state where crimes are enacted to stop democratic open debate... It's what YOU voted for!

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