Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sittingbourne News refuse advert

Morning Martin,

Unfortunately I cannot do anything on the price. On the 1st Jan we have a rate increase due to the cost of paper and ink rises. So your quarter page will actually be £114 + vat.

I am able to book your Judo advert on the Sports page, that is OK. 

I have spoken to editorial re your blog advert. We do not accept adverts on the letters page and also we are unable to run your blog advert because we cant be seen to endorse individuals opinions.
We will sometimes make an exception in the case of established political parties but we cant do this for members of the public.

Please let me know if you wish to book your Judo advert.

Kind Regards

This the email I have just received from The Sittingbourne News which is part of the KM Group

The advert I want to put in is added below

It is strange that we supposed to live in a democracy yet where can the ordinary person air there views?

On the letters page yes and no because the editor decides what is printed and are they are unbiased NO of course not they let there own personal views affect their judgment. The East Kent Gazette was known in my opinion for favouring socialist views and now it seems the KM group are moving the same way. As you are all aware I love writing to the Letters page but how many of my letters get past the KM Censer 1 in every 30 maybe. Yet I do not own the paper and they can print what they want irrelevant of what people think and believe

What annoyed me most was that they make acceptions for Political Parties but not the ordinary man in the street! Also they can make as much comments on different subjects but refuse the ordinary man the same courtesy
 Needless to say I do not intend advertising with them now or in the future so do not expect to see any of my letters in the Letters Page and do not expect to see many reports on our Martial Arts Club in future editions of the Sittingbourne News

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