Friday, November 23, 2012

Mobiles & Badoo

The article below I totally agree with. It is not just parents but where ever you go people are on the phone. This years we had to tell people to switch phones of when entering the Dojo. Some of the pupils would hear the phone and say that familiar saying "I have to get that" and lets be honest how many are important? I do not know how we existed 25 years ago without the mobile oh yes I do remember when we got home we switched on the Answer machine.
You all know I like my Blog but I tried Facebook for about a year as an individual and got fed up with the dribble like"having cornflakes for breakfast or its raining etc" plus people are so predictable I had a group of friends who were so predicable, they were intelligent but left wingers (I know left wing and intelligent is a bit of a contradiction) when I put an article I knew their response and on occasions prepared the answer before I put the article up, so boring. Well closed that account but Social Networking is a good idea to promote business and events so that what I done open several accounts promoting my Combat Disciplines. Today I got caught by a something called Badoo I thought this was yet another networking site? it is for people seeking RELATIONSHIPS of a physical nature. Once I realsed I deleted myself because within minutes I was getting messages now I had better tell the wife! mind you could she be on it? So if you get a message from Badoo beware

Unsupervised children having more accidents because parents are too busy playing on their smartphones 
This appeared in the DM

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