Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama Wins

So Obama has won the election it so reminds me of the second time Tony Blair got voted back everyone was expecting a lot a new beginning and what a mess he made of the Country, Obama is a Black Tony Blair.

Interesting the reports is that African Americans (I presume that means Black Americans) Women and Latinos vote was what secured the vote for Obama. The Latinos are the fastest growing ethnics in the USA. I fore cast the Republican Party, as it now will be a spent force the White European Males who built the Country over the last couple of Centuries I believe are finished one wonders if the Obama Voters have the same work ethic as those who built the Country, some how I doubt it. So the Republicans will have to change like our Conservative Party and will be become just another version of the Democratic Party as the Conservative Party has become a slightly right of Centre Socialist Party.

Interestingly enough with our own immigrants producing half of the new born babies last year how long will it be before they become the dominant people of the British Isles with indigenous British becoming a minority?

I see the EU want to ban Edith Blyton’s Famous Five Books because they portray a Mother and Father who are married with children as a Family Unit. What idiot wants us to remain in this Socialist Dictatorship?

Martin Clarke

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