Sunday, November 18, 2012

N,P,Y word

I just listened to a programme on Radio 4 and they talked about how distressing it is for football fans to use the N word, the P word and the Y word. At first what are they are talking about then I realised they meant Nigger, Poof and Yid why in heaven name can the not use the words they are talking about they are not using them as a derogatory term in fact they are doing the opposite but we have come so obsessed with PC they were frightened I expect in case someone sued them. Of course most of the words are offensive but why do Black people sometimes call each other Nigger (watch certain films) why does Jonathan Ross have a band call 4 poofs and a piano yet no one complains about that. It seems the BBC are more interested in name calling rather then protecting children from sexual predators

Can you understand some of these left wing reporters Hamas send hundreds of rockets into Israel over the past 6 months none complain because Israel defends itself and retaliates they are wrong. Hamas puts their rocket launches next to school and houses then wonders why children and civilians get killed.

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