Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Rubbish Tip

My daughter is moving house and asked to borrow the little Suzuki Carry van we use to move equipment for the Judo Club. She filled it up with rubbish from her house and then took it down the Rubbish Tip only to be turned away because it was a van and therefor-commercial waste. She explained that it was household rubbish only to be told she would have to get a special pass from KCC or pay £25 or bring the waste down in her car. The latter would have taken several trips.
First question what idiot thought of this idea if was a Councillor or group of Councillors I would like to know who they are so we can vote them off at the next election. So why have I called them idiots

1)   We pay an extremely high rate of Council Tax, which includes collection of refuse so, why do we have to pay twice?
2)   I expect that because they have to save money they need to charge. Well this a false saving because what will happen people will fly tip, already this has been on the increase in the last few months, just look around you, especially in the Country. The cost gained by charging for using the rubbish tips will not cover the extra clear up costs.
3)   By all means charge Builders etc. for use of the tip but not the general Public. It will not take a genius to inspect a vehicle and see whether it is household rubbish or not
4)   What about the effect on the environment more people will burn rubbish at home, more journeys will have to be used if you have to use your car rather the a Van or Trailer. Yes trailer if it is more the 4ft x 4ft it is classified as commercial so my daughter was told.

I admit we have to cut down on what Councils spend but we should have value for money. As a landlord sometime I have flats empty a prime example is one will be empty the end of the month, I spend some time getting the right person and some time the flat needs redecorating so it could be several months before it can rented out again. Some one on the Council has suggested that the landlord will have to pay the Council Tax on an empty property after 3 months at present it is 6 months why? The answer simple it is another form of property tax; I have never understood why an empty property should have to pay any council tax. Council Tax is payable for the use of services i.e. rubbish collection, street lights, parks etc. if you have an empty flat who or what will use any of these facilities. Another ridiculous thing is if I have empty flat I will have to pay 100% Council Tax but if a single person moves in they pay 75%. Yes we all need to tighten our belts and things will get hard for everyone but if you need to raise taxes do it openly and honestly not by stealth. There is a saying “DO NOT URINATE ON ME AND TELL ME ITS RAINING”

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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