Sunday, November 04, 2012

Bredgar Church

Sometimes when I walk down the high street I wonder what country I am in and what happened to the country I was born in, Sometimes I only hear a foreign language with no one speaking English on other occasions all I see are young girls pushing babies none with fathers, on occasion I see people dressed in cloths from the 10th century as seen in Arabia, on occasions it is like a round up for the Jeremy Kyle show, at night I see young people parading the streets going from pub to pub in a drunken or drugged stupor, pubs which have to have doorman, on occasion I see young women dressed as though they should be in a brothel drinking pints and swearing like a navvy. So is there any hope for England?

Well yes and I found it in Bredgar Church on Saturday I bought tickets to attend a concert with the Canterbury Cathedral Choristers and it was brilliant. Here was something quintessentially English, young boys who sang like angels, if you believe in God you felt through the singing and ambiance of this very Church that you were nearer to him then any other place. If you were a non-believer you would feel lifted by the whole occasion. This was a Christian event that has been established for centuries an event which did not apologise for being Christian or English. There will be many Churches that will be celebrating the birth of Christ in December, for those youngsters who have never been taught what that is, it is call called Christmas. Christmas Carols will be sung not the raucous noise people like me make when I have had a few drinks in a pub, but songs that are sung to truly celebrate the Festive Season. All of you should try and visit a Church this Christmas and join in the singing.

Have to admit I had ulterior motive Drew Cullen, one my Judo Club member’s son Owen was singing and I had to support him and his family. He gave a solo, which was tremendous, which must have made his parents very proud

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