Monday, November 19, 2012

Barclays-Boys in Blue

Mod Plod made the following comments on the Youtube Film Could he be right or is he over reacting?

Another thing when you want to phone your Bank, Building Society, Insurance Company etc you have to phone an 0845 number a premium rate number what a rip off. Use

Barclays as I reported earlier closed my account for no just reason that was on August 24th I still have not had my money returned when I phoned I was told "I must learn to be patient and wait" 3 months and they still have my money, you try being 3 months overdrawn and see what they charge.


You better be careful otherwise your friends in Kent Police will be knocking on your door at 0400 hrs in the morning!

It's now perfectly possible to be arrested for speaking the truth and conveying your own honest opinions and beliefs.

It all comes under the pernicious PUBLIC ORDER ACT 1986 where it's a criminal offence to cause anyone (who makes a complaint to the police), harassment alarm and distress.

The British people are literally sleepwalking to a police state where soon it will be a criminal offence to have alternative thoughts to the government.

These laws were enacted to tackle REAL crime but over the last few years have instead been turned around and used to criminalise the white law abiding middle class taxpayers... It's all about showing us whose boss.

Your actions here re-posting this link might reasonably upset and insult an ethnic resulting in the bully boys in blue paying you a visit...

Evening all.

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