Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sorry-BBC-Famous Five


Yes I am sorry I forgot to vote in the Police Commissioner Election yesterday as some who is interested in politics why did I forget? Well I normally do a postal vote but this time I waited because I wanted to see what our candidates where going to do and the only one to reply to my questions was the Conservative candidate. He was the only one who done a mail shot, there was no posters, no mail shots, no knocking at doors, no one in the high street telling us what they can do, even the local paper only managed one piece in the build up, they certainly did not print any of my letters on the subject. In other words the hustings had been forgotten
So what were my questions well let me remind you:

1)   If elected will you be focusing on Police work rather then Social issues

2)   Will you continue to waste money on such issue as promoting Homosexual, Lesbian and Bisexual lifestyle I refer to the annual Fair at Police HQ for this group of people

3)   Will you be promoting equal opportunities including banning discrimination such as Positive Discrimination, which favours, Homosexuals, lesbians, females and Ethnic minorities over and above White Heterosexual men.

4)   Will you be recruiting on a ability rather then on their sexual habits, gender and ethnicity
If I do not get answers I will not vote for any of them and I have strong doubts whether any of them will be able to alter the direction of this Kent Police Service, like most Police Services in this country the top echelon are more interested in promoting their own politics and self-interest. The time has come for each Borough to have their Sheriff like in the USA then you will see a difference.

I think quite reasonable questions but who am I? Just a voter so why should they answer and why should a newspaper go against its own political bias, So who did we get well the answer is Independent Anne Barnes. Great I hear you say not one of the nasty politicians got voted in but! She is a former Chair Women of the Kent Police Authority. The same authority who has failed the people of Kent, the same authority who has more interest in promoting life styles rather then capturing criminals and preventing crime, the same authority who will continue to waste Council Tax Payers money. So do not expect any change at Kent Police just more of the same.

As I said we need borough Sheriffs not some token figurehead to appease the masses. As for the turnout it was not just voter apathy it was more Candidate Apathy

The BBC seems to be full of Gays and Paedophiles if the newspaper reports are true, could be their idea of Positive discrimination or are they just being Politically Correct? To be fair you could say that about the whole of the media and entertainment industry.  The British People have no trust in our Government, Press, Media, Entertainment industry or authority all seem to be corrupt and morally defunct. HOW LONG BEFORE WE SEE A REVOLUTION

See the EU Dictatorship wants to ban Enid Blyton’s “Famous Five” Books from schools, it seem that her books portrays a married man and women with children as the incorrect to way to portray family life. WHEN WILL WE GET A REFERENDUM

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