Friday, November 30, 2012

Secret State

I can understand people not voting for the Coalition as it is failing to do what it promised but how can anyone vote for Labour who spent 13 years getting us into the mess we are in now? Just shows there is something wrong with our political system and PR would not make a difference lets do what the Swiss do have a referendum on all important issues at least that would bring power back to the people instead we have a system where you can only make a protest vote and return a candidate who most probably is worse then the one you had before. If Conservatives do not ditch the LibDems and Cameron, then return to what they promised they will have the biggest defeat in their history. We will then have a Labour government, which will eventually relinquish power to the EU and then you will see more riots in the street there will be armed insurrection

I have just finished watching the Channel 4 series “Secret State” brilliant and written by some one who was in the know and shows what our so called Parliamentary Democracy is a SHAM

Secret State is a 2012 British four-part political thriller, starring Gabriel ByrneCharles Dance and Gina McKee, and inspired by Chris Mullin's novel A Very British Coup. It delves into the relationship between a democratically elected government, the military and big business.

Biggest fall in immigration for 20 years: Success thanks to a blitz on bogus colleges and a cut in student visas

Can you believe this? I have just walked up Sittingbourne High Street see people wearing clothes from the Middle East speaking a foreign language, I see young Eastern European mothers pushing babies around, I see reports of a Million foreign Nationals working here and then I read of 3 million Brits being unemployed!

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