Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Nelson Mandela-Housing Benefit-Legal Aid

Nelson Mandela is ill?

Why is that the World worries about this Former Terrorist, who condoned murder and bombing to gain his political end?  He is made into a saint at best he can be considered a clever politician and must be respected for not seeking revenge when he came to power, so has South Africa changed poverty, violence, criminality and political corruption is worse now then under apartheid. Apartheid was an evil not to be tolerated but now instead of having a White Ruling Class you have a Black one all in a one party state

The new government reforms have come at log last and about time to. Why are people complaining about having your Housing Benefit being reduced because you have to many bedrooms? Why should one person who is on benefit, which is paid by our taxes, live in a Council House or Housing Association with 3 bedrooms and get maximum benefit? If they want a big house like this get a job. Those who rent in the private sector have always had a maximum the Council would pay on housing benefit. If you were a single mother with a child you were told the most you can get is a two bedroom property and then you would only receive the rent the Council think is fair if it is more you top it up.  Two of my tenants that are on housing benefit have had a £10 a month increase, so one has to top up just £10 pcm and the Council pays the rest, the other with a larger flat £30 pcm.

Another good thing is that will clamp down on Legal Aid but will they stop legal aid for these Human Rights challenges for people who have never contributed into our Society

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