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The more I read about Nigel Farage the more I like him but sadly he and his party can not make a Government. As I have said before I will vote for my local MP Gordon Henderson in spite of him being a Conservative, he just happens to be a good MP.  So when I vote at the next election I will vote for the man not the party. No matter what party gets into power unless we withdraw from the EU a National Government will become no more then a debating chamber. Labour and LibDems are refusing to give the Electorate a right to determine their future i.e. a Referendum, Cameron says will give us one if elected but look at the false promises he has made in the past and if he has to have a Coalition with those disgusting LibDems you can bet your bottom Dollar part of the agreement will be we do not have a Referendum.  

I pulled this comment of the DM

The more that UKIP and Nigel Farage are smeared, patronised and mocked, the more this will awaken voters that the Establishment are scared that there cosy 'it's your turn to be PM this time' arrangement is looking shaky. As Nigel said : our laws are made in Brussels and it is costing us £billions to be ruled by lunatics. Putin stands up for Russian interests. That is why he is attacked by Obama and Cameron who are basically told what to do by the banksters and EU

I was listening to Radio 4 and the Environment Agency spoke about dredging he went on to say how many kilometres were to be dredged? Since when has Kilometres been a measurement in the UK? The word is Miles it seem typical of these Europhile agencies to change all our measurement to what is used in the EU. Did you know that is illegal to use Kilometre and Metres on the public highway to indicate distance

The Gay marriage issue has shown a totally one sided view of this legislation in Parliament, Press, TV and even Radio everyone who opposes it is shouted down. Only 1.5% of the population according to the last Government Survey are Gay yet they have so much power and influence and it seems this power is orchestrated by Government
Can I give you one example how on LBC there was a debate on Gay Marriage and as expected there was a lot of calls from those religious people who believe the Bible word for word and believe God produced this book rather then Man. Now I am a Christian and believe in Jesus etc. but I also accept that man produced the Bible and man has frailties. This group of people do leave themselves to further justification on what they believe and the presenter ridiculed them, when they could bring justification to their argument. Yet when those who were pro Gay Marriage the same intense investigation was not used by the presenter. For example when a Gay Man said that the Abrahamic religion (Christian, Moslem, Judaism) was only 2000 years the assumption therefore being that Marriage between Male and Female were only instigated since then. This is obviously completely false many groups of people through the ages have recognised marriage between man and women as the correct way for this institution and the Jewish religion dates back at least 3000 years. My point is that the presenter question the facts of people on the Bible but did not question the gay man on his account of marriage in fact he sided with him.
Most probably the worst piece in this programme was when a Moslem was questioned about Marriage, his argument was that changing the status of Marriage can alter things in the future, something I have mentioned in previous blogs. The caller was very respectful calling the presenter sir and never raising his voice. He asked the question that what if in 20 years time, someone tried to insist that someone in an incestuous relationship should be able to marry. He qualified his question by saying this would be wrong but because of Gay Marriage this could happen. The presenter who virtually accused him of being a paedophile tore him to shreds; he just refused to understand the logic of the question basically, which  “once the horse has bolted closing the stable door is pointless”
I like listening to LBC and on the whole they normally produce a well-balanced programmes but they do have a slight pro Gay bias when it comes to Gay issues maybe this is because they have several openly Gay presenters but even though the Gay Community are only 1.5% of the population they need people to speak up for them. Pity the do not apply the same to people who believe in the Bible?

On the issue of gay marriage everyone I speak to are either against or could not careless I have yet to find one person in favour but then again I am only nodding terms with 4 Gay Men and do not know any Lesbians. The experiment of Gay marriage and Gay people adopting children will take at least 20 years before we can come to any real conclusion but by then I expect the Secularist who govern this country will have redefined marriage again

Have a look at this for some Balance in the Gay Marriage Issue

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