Saturday, March 22, 2014

Putin is Right-Money Grabbing Slime Ball Human Rights Lawyers

Petrol is going down but we are warned that it may rise soon because of our sanctions on Russia. Well thanks Mr Cameron for getting us involved in an event, which is nothing to do with us

The hypocrisy of the USA and UK Government is unbelievable. Crimean people were annexed to Ukraine by the USSR in the 1960’s without the permission of the Crimean people and since then they wanted to return to Mother Russia over 90% of them voted to return and of course because they did not want to be part of an EU group dominated by non elected bureaucrats, the West shouted foul. So self-determination for anyone who sides with the USA, EU and UK is OK but not if you are against them.

The propaganda being put out by the USA, UK and EU is unbelievable and sadly helped by the Media and Press.  They say Russian spies on its own people and what do the CIA and MI5 do? They say Putin has interest in Major Russian Companies and Obama and Cameron Don’t have interest in Western Companies? Take a look our friend Tony Blair he is far from poor. UK claims to be a democracy yet the LIBDEMS are in power with the Conservatives and the LIBDEMS received very little votes as for the USA you can not get any where in there system without money and lots of it. It is a country of elitism just like Russia the hierarchy of both countries is as bad and as good as each other.

Putin has helped the wish of the people of Crimea to return to Russia, we did something the same in the Falklands they did want to be part of Argentina so we helped them rightly so this was a just cause was Iraq and Afghanistan? I am not too sure.
The propaganda says they will invade all the other countries? I will take bets this will not happen unless the population vote to become a part of a Russian Conglomerate like the EU and their

Crimea is none of our business why should UK Subjects have to suffer because of expansionist ideas of the EU and USA wanting a seaport near Russia


Last weekend I travelled around Kent and was surprised to see so many Village Pubs being converted in to Indian Restaurants where do they get their customers? I also notice that two more pubs in Sittingbourne are up for sale The Ship in East Street and the Long Hop at Key Street with the sale of the Old Oak East Street, one must wonder how long before we are just left with Chain Pubs?

My youngest daughter is starting divorce proceeding, never realised how much a divorce is, if you have joint ownership of property.

On the subject of Lawyers the recent decision to drop the unfounded claims that British Troops murdered Iraqi civilians has cost the Country £25 million most of it going to the greedy Human Rights Lawyers it is about time they should work on a no Win No Pay. On Radio 4 one of these parasitic Lawyers refused to answer how much his company had made

So the Government have made the right decision to allow us to do what we want with pensions. Some years ago I believe when I was 60 I was told that I could start my pension, which I paid for, it was not a large one worked out about £80,000 but I was only allowed a very small percentage the rest was paid out at £200 pcm. If I had the lump sum I could have bought a small flat and rented it for £470 pcm. Yet all the left-wingers are saying once you reach pension age you are not sensible enough to administer your own finance. What a load of Rubbish

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