Saturday, March 08, 2014

Tonge Pond

 Weather was fine so I visited Tonge Mill Duck Pond. Several years  ago SBC made some the area around the Duck Pond into a Memoerial area for service men and women a really pleasant area. Recently new owners haave taken over the duck pond and have banned fishing and restocked the pond with some really large carp. I asked why fishing has stopped it seems our Eastern European friends, the one Libdem Vince Cable says we should have more off, have a taste for carp, swan  and duck. It seems these people go fishing at night under the cover of darkness with large nets depleting the fish stock also at the same time the duck and swan population has been in rapid decline. Another lake on Toy Town is under attack, fishing wardens have to check under the wooden fishing platforms for  fishing lines attached. I am told our Eastern European friends throw out lines with many baited hooks they return under darkness and haul in their catch. This may be quite common in Eastern European Countries where all fresh water fish are fair game and a tasty morsel our fresh water fisherman do not agree  but who we to complain the Libdems say they are welcome and compliment our country. I once tried a carp which was baked in salt it was disgusting and tasted like mud or what I should say what I expect mud tasted like. What I say to the Eastern Europeans carry on eating fresh water fish but do it in your own country and

stay there

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