Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Child Care and Lenny Henry and Help with baby sitters

Several articles about racism and PC, one is from Lenny Henry who used be a very funny man I emphasise the word was, He maintains we should have more black actors in TV shows, now if that means TV programs about modern times I see no reason why not but why should a TV programme include Black people about modern day Britain where there a little or no Black people? At the same time why should a TV programme which is predominantly Black have any token Whites?
 The commnet below from the DM sums it up for me 

why am I constantly being criticised and trying to be shamed because I am English, white, married, hetro sexual, working, law abiding, tax paying member of the community???? to be honest I am sick to death of all the whinging...

Even more from the PC Brigade, Clarkson who do not like refered to a bridge as a slope was accused of racism? did you know that SLOPE is an insulting word to Asians? 

More from the ridiculous PC BBC  about banning old shows beeing broadcast love the comment below 
Since 'Dad's Army' is exclusively cast with 'white' actors and actresses and belittles them all, should I conplain that it is racist?

More you look at Charities the more you realise they are there to supply the top echelon with a very large salary and your donation pays for it

 Comment from DM
This is the reason I don't think there is such a thing as a true charity any more the bosses get paid too much while the volunteers do all the hard graft. Taking loans of money from a charity is vile unless they get interest on the loan at bank rates, it does not make sense to me. Have a look at what the top bosses of charities earn. It makes me sick. A few years ago I was told for every £6 less than 40p makes it to front line services. So I stopped giving. You give to make a difference and top bosses take a pay rise.

I do not see why I should help support Couples who want to work with there Child Care, according to the Radio couples earning  up to £300 thousand a year will get Tax relief for Child care. The government should make a distinction on those hard up families who parents have to work to live and those who work for luxuries. Government since 1997 have deliberately tried to dismantle marriage and the family with with a mother and father. All surveys over the last 30 years have proven the best way to bring up children is with a Hetrosexual marriage so why try and destroy it. If anything Mothers who stay at home to do the hardest job possible i.e. looking after children should be paid 

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