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Silk-Ukraine-James Bond

Some day a go I wrote a Blog about Ben Stephenson I also wrote a piece about the TV Series Silk. In this weeks episode shows exactly what I have been writing about. The programme concerned a Footballer who elbowed a fellow footballer during match causing him considerable damage and was charge with Grievous Bodily Harm, the story line started with this overpaid arrogant football player who admitted the assault. The Lawyer then proceeds to try and manipulate the case in favour of her client half way through the case the Footballer says he is gay now this has nothing to do with the case but once he announces his sexual preference the story line goes to a more sympathetic level and of course at the end he is found not guilty. The court case also revolves around insulting the Football culture; a witness now arrives to say that the man who received the injury was a bully and a thug. Yet there was no scrutiny of the statements made whether they were telling the truth?

I am quite aware that this was a TV programme and not real but one must assume the programme has legal experts who give at advice. This fictional story but procedure we are led to believe is based on fact. My feeling is that TV programmers and writers are producing subtle Gay Propaganda and a left wing liberal bias on our justice system

I took the following of the Comments section in the DM 
How right he is 

The EU and US engineered a coup that deposed the DEMOCRATICALLY elected Government of Ukraine because they wanted to a customs union with Russia rather than the EU. Mr Putin and the Russians are supporting the ethnic Russians and their naval base in Crimea against those in the UNELECTED regime in Kiev who eg wanted to remove Russian as an official language in Ukraine.

Labours Equality Act applied to James bond

Bond. James Bond.
Bond will suffice. Your gender doesn’t matter to MI6. Unless, of course, you’re a transsexual. You’re not, are you?
No, madam.
That’s a pity. We’re currently fast-tracking transsexuals, who are shamefully under-represented in the Special Intelligence Service.
I don’t mind dressing up, madam. I was assuming disguise would be part of the job.
That won’t be necessary. And you can call me ‘M’.
Certainly, madam.
Less of the ‘madam’. We have dispensed with sexist nomenclature. But before we proceed, would you mind explaining why you are late for this interview. We may not care about your sexuality, but we put great store on punctuality.

His gun might be replaced with a taser - only to be used on sheep, not enemy agents or international terrorists
Sorry, mad, er, I mean M. I couldn’t find a parking space.
But there are dozens of disabled parking bays outside.
I’m not disabled.
Oh, dear. We were rather hoping you would be.
And I drive an Aston Martin.
That’ll have to go if your application is successful. All our agents are issued with Boris bikes.
So no DB5, with machine guns and an ejector seat, then?
Certainly not. You do know there’s more to MI6 than fast cars and guns, don’t you?
Yes, indeed, M. But I do get a gun? A Walther PPK is standard issue, or so I believe.
A Taser, actually. But it is only to be used on sheep, not enemy agents or international terrorists.

Why not?

And he would not be able to drink a vodka Martini - with MI6 operating a strictly 'no alcohol' policy, both on and off the premises
Health and safety. We can’t afford the compensation claims, not after what we’ve had to shell out to the Guantanamo Bay mob. Would you like a Fair Trade coffee?
I’d rather have a vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred.
We operate a strictly ‘no alcohol’ policy, both on and off the premises. All our agents are subject to random substance abuse tests.
The perks do include five-star hotels, though?
I’m afraid not, Bond. There is a small overnight allowance, but luxury hotel suites are not allowed under our current  austerity programme.
What about first class air travel, private helicopters, that sort of thing?

Not any more. We are committed to cutting our carbon footprint to combat global warming. And you can put out that e-cigarette.
Don’t tell me, the secret service is a ‘smoke-free’ environment.
Naturally. Anyway, let’s move  on. How would you describe your ethnicity?
Well, I do have Scottish heritage, but I’ve always considered myself to be English.
I’m afraid English is not a valid answer, Bond. But in the event of a ‘yes’ vote in the forthcoming referendum, you will be able to define as Scottish. What about your sexuality? Are you, or have you ever been a practising homosexual?
No, but I’m prepared to give it a whirl.
Excellent. Could you kill a man?
Don’t be flippant, Bond. This isn’t going awfully well, is it? You’re English, white, heterosexual. You like guns, fast cars, helicopters and you’re prepared to defend your country at all costs ...
That’s right, M. When do I start?
Frankly, Bond, I don’t think you’d fit in here. But before you go, would you mind telling me what’s in your hold-all?
It’s my gimp mask, rubber incontinence pants, noose, spiked-leather restraints, taffeta dress and satsuma. I wonder if you could zip me up.
It would be a pleasure, Bond. And forget what I just said: you’re exactly the kind of agent we’re looking for. Moneypenny will be in touch just as soon as he returns from his gender re-assignment surgery.

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