Monday, March 17, 2014

What Does the EU-USA-UK know about Democracy-USE-Police

So the Crimea has voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia something they were part of in the 1960’s till Khrushchev gave it away to the Ukrainian Communist Party without consulting the people.

What does our Government, USA and EU do? They start shouting that is Undemocratic. How can a people decide his or her own future in a vote? That is undemocratic, yet in Ukraine a violent insurrection can take over the Government and remove an elected President without a vote. This the above consider Democratic?
80% of the population voted in this referendum, which had international observers, when was the last time an election in the UK, USA or EU have an 80% turnout?

I am sorry to say the EU and the USA orchestrated this violent revolution. The EU because the Ukrainian Government preferred to stay linked with Russia because they offered a better financial deal then the EU you did. USA wanted Ukraine to become part of the EU and NATO so they could put the US Fleet in Crimea

So we are to have sanctions against Russia which no doubt will hurt them but what is more important it will hurt our economy as well. Time for the USA and UK to stop meddling in other peoples business both consider themselves the Worlds Policeman, which they are not. Time to protect the interest and security of our own country instead of pouring money and British lives into conflicts, which are none of our business.


Britain will end up in United States of Europe if we don't act now, says Cameron: PM lays out seven targets of renegotiation of Britain's EU membership


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