Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Putin-Duncan Smith

Propaganda linked with Putin is becoming incredible, the USA especially want to force us into a Military confrontation, a USA General has suggested that NATO troops should be put into Poland, Lithuania, Estonia etc. This will be seen by the Russian as a possible attack on its Territory. Now if there is a War there will be no winners or losers but an awful lot of death and destruction. One thing is for sure the USA will not have a land attack on its soil yes some rockets but they have enough anti missiles to stop them, it will be us in Europe who will suffer and Why? Because people overwhelmingly in Crimea voted to to go with Russia NO. It is because the Democratic Government of Ukraine refused to join the EU and this stopped the USA taking over all the Sea Ports in Crimea. Remember a Democratic Government was overthrown by a Violent Revolution

Putin will not invade any NATO country if he and the rest of the World had any sense it would say to those Countries who have Ethnic Russian grouping we will give you more autonomy and eventually a referendum on whether you wish to return to Russia

DUNCAN SMITH talks sense something unusual from a polatician

'Try one of our British jobless before hiring foreign workers', Duncan Smith tells firms
  • Work and Pensions Secretary urges companies to hire UK workers
  • Says he was shocked by Brits undercut by migrants working on Olympics
  • Defends immigration minister over attack on 'metropolitan elites'

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