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The week started with LibDems stating that immigration was not harmful for the UK in fact it benefited us all, then a Conservative MP comes out with blatantly obvious that Middle Classes had gained a great deal from immigration as the immigrants work for less and pushing the working class out of work. Then of course when we looked at whom these top Politician Conservative, LibDem and Labour employ in their mansions it is cheap immigrant Labour even to the extent they fast track them for a UK passport. NOW there is solidarity with your own people!
As a matter of interest in 1989 I was paying tradesman £100 to £150 a day now you can get a Foreign so called tradesman for £50 to £80 a day. I say tradesman but a lot of these get false papers so I am told. That is why our Politicians love them so much.
I have said I will vote for my local MP Gordon Henderson not because he is a Conservative but because he looks after the interest of his constituents. That can not be said of all the main parties, all the leaders are Millionaires and do not have a clue how the ordinary person lives, the Government is led by 19th century toffs. Labour will no doubt win the next election the economy will go to wreck and ruin, we will not get a referendum, EU will take more control from the UK, Gays and other minority groups will get even more power over the rest of us. If that happens it will be the fault of David Cameron and the LibDems and it will be the last time we will have a truly Independent Country. Cameron promises a Referendum but do you honestly believe he will honour that? Sorry to say I see a bleak future the only little bit of light is that both Labour and Conservative are saying they would rather have a minority Government rather the serve with LibDems. The LibDems are the biggest traitors to the British People and I hope they are voted out of extinction and UKIP take their place but that will not happen
It a pity we did not have  Putin in this country a leader who puts his people first

Thank God he is a former Defence Chief he is like Obama and Cameron who wanted to get us involved in another war which has nothing to with us and they wanted to support the side that are responsible for the Twin Towers and London Bus Bombing. Time the UK and USA realise they  are not the World Policeman lets look to ourselves first

Former defence boss blasts Britain's handling of the Syria crisis saying it has made the problem WORSE
  • Lord Richards to criticise government's failure to support Syria opposition
  • Will say in Radio 4 interview it aggravated country's humanitarian crisis

Patton the man who made a fortune out of being a Eu Commissioner and thinks himself above Parliament supporting a left Wing Organisation

  • Lord Patten will be grilled over claims of bias in the BBC's coverage of EU
  • Chairman will face members of Commons European Scrutiny Committee
  • Patten is paid £110,000-a-year to work part-time at the BBC Trust

This is one Ugly NIMSHE mind you the tattoo craze has made a lot of people ugly

  • Chloie Jonsson, 34, accuses CrossFit Inc. of violating her rights under a California law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity
  • Crossfit argues that Jonsson, even if taking female hormones, has a 'physiological advantage' over women
  • CrossFit may create a separate division for transgender athletes if enough step forward to compete

So now the EU can tell us how to run our Council and this will happen especially if we get a Labour or Coalition Government

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Roy Jenkins the man who started the rush to legalise drugs, create fatherless children, downgrading of marriage, school kids having babies, sex treated like having a beer, increase in VD, Gay Marriage and the general disintegration of moral standard. Quite an epitaph for someone who wanted to justify his own infidelity 
  • Roy Jenkins, a miner's son from Pontypool, was married to Jennifer
  • He consummated his affair with Lady Caroline Gilmour while the pair were travelling with their respective spouses
  • Caroline was not enough for him, though. In 1963, he began his affair with Leslie Bonham Carter

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