Sunday, March 02, 2014


At least one reporter agrees with me. The EU, UK and USA to try and get one over Putin orchestrated this business in Ukraine. The previous leader was a very corrupt man and deserved to be sacked but he was the elected leader he should gone through the proper democratic process and charged with corruption. Instead a violent Mob of extremist took over by armed insurrection. 
I just hope we do not pour money into this country

'Russia is sick of being humiliated and pushed around by ignorant outsiders': MoS columnist PETER HITCHENS says Putin DOES have a right to intervene

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These are the people Cameron and Obama wanted to help with us sending troops in. 
#horror: The moment Muslim Syrian extremists cut off a man's hand as punishment for stealing - and posted pics LIVE on Twitter
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Islamist group live-tweeted punishment of a thief in northern Syria
Photos were posted online showing a man having his hand chopped off
Group claimed the man requested the punishment to 'cleanse him of sin'

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It is not just on a Train go down Sittingbourne High Street and you sometimes struggle to hear the English Language
UKIP leader Nigel Farage says he feels awkward when he doesn't hear English on the train
Ukip leader predicts party will trigger political earthquake in May's election
Attacks political establishment and tells voters: 'Don't get mad, get even'
Unveils new slogan 'Love Britain' which was used in BNP ad in 2010

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The Values my parents, teachers etc taught me in the 1950/60’s have slowly been eroded away, I like many others thought it was just the modern age. NO if you read more about the left wing National Council for Civil Liberties you start to realise it was a left wing goal to change the way we live and sadly they have succeeded. I m told they advocated lowing of the age of consent to 10 year old, abolishment of marriage or the restructuring of marriage i.e. Gay Marriage, Sex outside marriage, removal of prison accept on very exceptional cases, Secular state and abolishment of the Christian Faith I could go on. If this true these people who belonged to this disgraced organisation are absolute disgusting and if they are MP’s or in any other Government position they should be sacked but they won’t they love the power and the money

The Left's web of shame: It's not just Harman, Dromey and Hewitt. As we reveal, many other members of Britain's ruling liberal elite held senior posts at the NCCL when it was closely linked to paedophiles
Chief coroner Peter Thornton and lawyer Geoffrey Robertson among them
They were at National Council for Civil Liberties in late 70s and early 80s
Group called for consent age to be lowered to 14 or even 10 in some case

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