Thursday, March 27, 2014

Well Done Nigel

'Europe has blood on its hands in Ukraine': Farage faces angry backlash after siding with Vladimir Putin in TV debate

  • Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage take part in televised debate on Europe
  • Snap poll shows 57% think Farage won, but 36% said Clegg
  • Questioner asked why Ukraine wants to join EU as UK looks to leave
  • Clegg said Europe had promoted peace, democracy and rule of law
  • But Farage accused Brussels of ‘imperialist, expansionist’ agenda
Nigel must have been reading my Blogs because this is what I have been saying since this whole debacle started.

Nigel Farage wiped the board with that slimy creep Nick Clegg although he did make some mistakes on statistics which hopefully he will research for the next debate. Yet all Clegg could do was try and frighten people to stay with the EU with the big lie 3 million people will lose their jobs if we leave the EU what RUBBISH he went on to say that only 5% of legislation came from the EU he says backed up by the House of Parliament Library? This is run by Civil Servants who totally believe in remaining in the EU, they have the knack of hiding the truth and statistics till it is convenient for them to be released, do they honestly believe we walk around with our eyes shut?
One of the best remarks were I remember, Nick, you and all your gang – all the big corporates – all telling us 12 years ago that if we didn’t join the euro, all inward investment would cease, the City of London would disappear,’ he said.
‘All I can say is thank God we didn’t listen to you, otherwise we would have been in one hell of a mess.

The State gets hysterical about paedophiles - then lets under-age girls stockpile morning-after pills. How crazy, says KATHY GYNGELL
  • Burgeoning youth culture of sexual anarchy is condoned not challenged
  • Taxpayer-funded condoms and contraceptives have been dished out
  • Sex-education advice is explicit but devoid of any moral framework
Not only the state but parents as well they allow their girls some as young as 12 to dress like those tarty Celebrities treat sex the same as drinking coke, then wonder why the are pregnant at 14, 15 and 16. They allow their children to sleep with each other before they are married. Yes an old fashioned concept none of my children were allowed to sleep together in my house till they were married, they knew the rules and never asked. My stand was you live under my roof you abide by my rules, Sadly two of them are divorced and one is getting a divorce. Yet none of them were parents in their teens thank god.

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