Sunday, March 02, 2014


At the Taste of Portugal for my weekly treat this time Val and myself met up with Jean and Alan Kontozi. I had Calamari, Cheese, Hams as a starter followed by Pork with potatoes and clams absolutely delicious, the others had a Pork dish with sliced Potatoes.
The difference this time we stopped out to 11 pm I had 3 large glasses red wine followed by 2 double Brandies, when I got home had a couple of double gins. Wasn't drunk but did I wake with a massive hangover? Yes I did got up for a couple hours then went back to bed for 4 hours, obviously can not take my drink anymore is it my diabetes or is that I am getting old or is it because I mix it ? They say there is no fool like an old fool, I shall never do that again yet never is a long time

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