Saturday, March 01, 2014

Children in Need Left Wing Propagander-Useless Cameron

I recently watched an advert for children in need the presenter was Paul O’Grady. In the advert a little child was eating toast and it was said that the child had to sleep with his mother’s coat and had a piece of dry toast to eat all day, there were several other children involved in this advert. I have asked both the Children in Need organisation and Advertising Standards if these children were Actors? If they were surely it was their duty to advertise the Fact.  What proof is there in what they say is true? Will I get a reply? I personally do not believe this advert and feel it is left wing propaganda.

Cameron failed us on Europe; he talks the talk but can not do the walk. He is a boot licker to everything they want, a man with no back bone, He promised us a reform on the Human Rights Act nothing has happened in fact those involved in the Human Rights have gained even more ground. On Immigration he failed us, immigration is on the increase. His response to flood victim was pathetic he said that each Business etc. will get £5000 that is a drop in the Ocean and how long did it take him to get involved? He prefers to spend billions on Overseas Aid which goes to corrupt Government and countries which have  a Space programme rather then spend that money on the Flooded areas. Why has he not pushed the EU into donating money into Flood devastated area’s ? He instigated Gay Marriage without consulting the Electorate
Cameron is a Toff who has no idea of what it like to have an ordinary life he was born into privilege like Miliband and Clegg all 3 party leaders need to be sacked. You may not have liked Maggie or John Major but they were people who came from a working background they were the New Conservatives. Now we have returned the 19th Century where the landed Gentry rules the UK.
If the Conservatives lose the next election it will be down Cameron. The Chancellor, Education Minister and Duncan-Smith are all doing a good job. Yet who else can you vote for to return to a Labour Government who would not offer us a referendum would be disastrous it was they who got us into the mess we are in now. LIBDEMS well they have shown what a bunch of idiots they are even their Vince Cable welcomed the news that Immigration is on the increase. LibDems are the party that puts Europe and Foreigners before their own people. I would like to UKIP win lots of seats at the next General Election but sadly the way our electoral system works there is very little chance of that happening. So it will have to be a vote for the Devil you know i.e. Cameron, lets hope the Conservatives get rid of him in soon

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