Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gay Marriage a threat to Democracy

When I woke up this morning I was extremely depressed until I read the articles below at long last I saw in print people who agree with me on how Gay marriage is wrong. Interesting enough the first article is someone of Asian Origin and the other is a Gay Man.

Obviously I believe in marriage between a man and women as I believe this is the best way to bring up children, as are proved by many surveys. Marriage is much more then just loving someone it is about social cohesion the bringing of different families and communities together. What has annoyed me more about Gay Marriage is not that just about the fact that only 1.5% have an abnormal sexual preference it is about Government hypocrisy and the unravelling of the core beliefs of a Christian Society being led by a Militant Secularist agenda

The Liberal Elite, which is supported by all the Major Political Parties, have never once consulted the electorate on the issue of Gay Marriage and before the vote on this issue did any MP consult their electorate NO.

The name of the act that came in force today was “Same SEX Marriage” and their argument was that people of the same sex should have as much right to marry because they Love each other. In fact it is only for Gay people can a Brother marry a Brother, Sister marry a Sister NO it still against the law. I believe I am right in saying that a Normal Sexed couple will have their marriage consummated when they have penetrative sex? this is not the case with same sex marriage. So if sex is taken out of the equation, which it is in a same sex marriage, why cannot two siblings marry? I say it will unravel why because you start to interfere with long time-accepted tradition you have to evaluate the future. Eventually the Government will have to accept siblings marrying also Polygamy, which is recognised in many countries will have to be accepted and those with the perversion of being Bi-sexual will be allowed to marry. To say this will not happen is ignoring fact, fact all the time we are part of the European Human Rights Act there is a strong possibility that not allowing this section of the community to Marry will fall foul of Human Rights legislation.  This act will allow challenges that Gay people can marry in church no matter what the Government say European Law sadly out weighs British Law another good reason to leave both the EU and ECHR

It is interesting that those in Civil Rights Partnerships, an act for gay people only, will not be allowed to Marry. So what has happened to the rights of this part of the Gay Community after all the Civil Partnership as stated by the legislation is not marriage

A Secular Liberal Elite supported by the Political Wing of the Gay Movement with out a true consultation of the electorate a sad day for Democracy has instigated this Gay marriage

AMANDA PLATELL: The real gay marriage bigots are its intolerant supporter

A wedding day is always a special occasion and especially so, of course, for the first homosexual couples marrying today.
I wish them every happiness for the future. But that does not alter the fact that I still disagree with the concept of gay marriage.
No doubt I’ll receive a barrage of abuse for even admitting as much. For surely the saddest legacy of the whole gay marriage debate is how it has brought about the most appalling bigotry — not against homosexuals, but against those who oppose the new law.
For evidence of that, you only had to watch BBC Question Time on Thursday. One audience member, Marilyn Barmer, was booed and hissed for even having the temerity to ask: ‘Why do we need to change the definition of marriage that has existed for thousands of years, when equality already exists?’
A perfectly reasonable question, you might think. Yet from the outraged response of the audience, it was as if she’d been proposing the execution of every first-born. Others who echoed her views were similarly subjected to jeers, sneers and contempt.
I can’t help wondering if that’s the reaction the BBC — our self-appointed Ministry for Political Correctness — sought to provoke by hosting the show in Brighton, the gay capital of Britain.
But then this was just a microcosm of the way the gay marriage legislation has been forced through by our political masters. Anyone brave enough to voice unease has been branded a bigot whose views were so beneath contempt they didn’t even deserve to be heard. 
In modern Britain, the chattering-class thought-police have decreed that their liberal value system is morally superior to the traditional beliefs of millions of ordinary Britons.
A poll that went out at midnight after Question Time said two-thirds of people support gay marriage, but a third still do not. That doesn’t make them homophobes. Indeed, I suspect the vast majority welcomed the introduction of civil partnerships, yet simply feel that gay marriage is a step too far.
Do they not have a right to a voice? The gay community has fought all along for tolerance, and rightly so. But surely it should extend both ways.

Ironically, many of the most vicious attacks have not come from the gay community — many of whom remain ambivalent about gay marriage — but from politicians cynically trying to parade their touchy-feely credentials.
And never mind that this meant trampling over the beliefs of many Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and others opposed to gay marriage.
That’s not social progress, it’s a form of intolerance every bit as ugly as homophobia

Why gay weddings do NOT advance the cause of equality
  • Andrew Pierce (who's proud of his own civil partnership) says gay marriage is a political gimmick that doesn't address the real problems

Defending the plan to allow young women to stock up on the morning-after pill, Nick Clegg dismisses fears that it would lead to promiscuity as ‘medieval’. Only a man with three sons could be that naive.
Neil Kinnock had to apologise for making a joke suggesting that if Eric Pickles ran the marathon he might die. Who’s the nasty party now?
Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and his Labour shadow Rachel Reeves were interviewed on the Today programme by the petulantly screeching Evan Davis. In one of the most biased interviews I’ve heard, a contemptuous Davis interrupted IDS 25 times, Miss Reeves six. Perhaps Evan’s talents would be better suited to fronting shopping channel QVC, rather than the BBC’s flagship political show.
Having almost lost their lead against the Conservatives, Red Ed takes umbrage with the poll findings that claim only 19 per cent of people now see him as a PM in waiting. He’s right to protest. Surely it couldn’t possibly be that many.

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