Thursday, September 03, 2015

Angry over death of 3 year old

I had a sleepiness night could not get the image of that little Boy drowned of my mind especially the way he was dressed it could have been one of us and it brings it home a lot more

My sleepless was one of Anger, I was angry that the parents were so irresponsible to take a young child on what was a very dangerous journey. One where thousands have died and before you bleat they were escaping tyranny they were safe in Libya and could have gone to another Arab Country. I was angry with those who want to have open doors policy which encourages this type of immigration, I was angry with Countries like Germany who encourage immigration by not controlling their intake, I was angry with the people traffickers who are making money from the death of people, I was angry with the News media that straight away blame those countries who want tighter border controls, I was angry with the UN who seem to be sitting on their hands blaming everyone else

This tragedy only proves that open border policy does not work and those above have blood on their hands. So what can be done?

1)   The EU should have warships of the coast of Libya and turn all boats back all immigrants rescued should be returned to Libya if they done this as the situation started thousands of lives would have been saved
2)   The UN & EU should be doing more about the people smugglers rather then pontificating
3)   The UN should build proper camps for Asylum seekers and I mean proper buildings with toilets, showers, shops, schools and even Cinemas. Each Government would have an office to vet potential Asylum seekers for their various countries all Economic migrants would be returned to their own country, any one without a passport would have to prove where they came from
4)   All religious Organisations who have been pontificating so much would be expected to house legal refugees
5)   The Camp would have its own UN police force
6)   These camps would be permanently run by the UN
7)   Part of the UK aid programme would be used for these camps

Before you ridicule my idea of Camps saying where would you put them? Well there are plenty of countries where they could go and the UN would pay a rent to these countries that have immigrants camps. The UN has plenty of money, which they waste on overpaid employees and rather dubious projects , the un is like the EU awash with corruption.

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