Friday, September 11, 2015

Broadstairs-am I fat?


I recently went for a BUPA Health check “Prevention is better then cure” on the whole they were quite pleased with me. With exception of my weight although I am very careful what I eat and drink, Train hour a day Monday to Friday have a good RPR and reasonable Blood pressure they still have concerns about my weight. So it has been suggested I try a gastric band, if the NHS allow it and how long it will take before an operation. Being diabetic I notice that eat bread, rice, pasta my blood sugar goes up. So I have cut them all out replaced them with lentils and chickpeas, which I hope will also reduce my weight.

Now why have I bored you with all with this, well this Thursday I travelled to my caravan at Swalecliffe and on the Friday we visited the seaside town of Broadstairs. This was the home of Charles Dickens for a while and is a brilliant town, which has not really changed for 100 years; with a lot of character pubs and restaurants. Now the problem I have is having a snack at midday, which does not involve buns, sandwich’s, French sticks, ciabatta, Panini, rice and pasta etc. For the first time I found somewhere serving my favourite fish SARDINES. 
Do I look Fat in this

They were served with just a little tomato salsa, the restaurant was called SAMWORTH & MEE this place is well worth a visit. I am thinking of spending a weekend in the Winter at Broadstairs

Val in an Aladdin's Cave

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