Sunday, September 20, 2015

Minnis Bay-Whitstable

Well summer is coming to an end and will soon have to move my Caravan of site. I rented a spot at the Park Holidays site at Swalecliffe for the season not my idea was Val’s but a good idea. So this weekend we had Susan’s Children George and Poppy on Saturday took them to Minnis Bay Birchington lovely sandy beach area with a good Bistro. 

Sunday John, Rebecca and his son Harry met us at Whitstable for a coffee and walk around Harbour and Town. Plus got a parking ticket, purchased a ticket stuck to window but he fell to the floor obviously have proof I purchased and have appealed BUT the law says it must be displayed and ignorance of the Law is no excuse, that is unless you are an illegal immigrant entering the country illegally.

Can anyone tell me about the latest craze a full beard ? First it was designer stubble, which I thought looked scruffy now even Rugby players have a full bushy beard. These full beard age’s young men by at least 20 years those with a beard and moustache look like Edwardian Gentleman without the dress sense as for the full beard without a moustache they look like a Muslim Terrorist. Worst of all are those with a Full beard and a topknot

Seen at Sainsbury in Whitstable it seems surveillance is now checking how you wee

Just bought Alf Garnett DVD hilarious really Un PC all the lefty wet liberals in fact all brown nose politicians hate him for being Racist, Homophobic, Sexist, ageist,  what they do not understand is the fact is that Alf may be funny but people are laughing at him because he such a bigot. Yet this bigot is an extremely Loyal Subject of her Majesty and her Church a bit of a contradiction.
A section of the film was the London Blitz during World 2 it showed how the Londoners coped with the destruction of their city they did not run away compare that with the cowardly  young Male immigrants leaving their Families and relatives behind

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