Saturday, September 05, 2015

Germany is a disgrace

I am disgusted with Germany NO as my mother was German I am ashamed WHY. The reason is that they have allowed thousands of Economic Migrants into their Country with out any real checks on their status and they intend letting 100,000 in. This is in spite of ignoring all EU rules which Merkel and her fellow EU Dictators want us to abide by The will have no idea who will be coming, they could be Escaped Criminals, Rapists, Murderers, Thieves, Paedophiles, War Criminals etc and with ISIS saying they have several thousands of their murders infiltrating these Immigrants one must wonder about the safety of the German people and visitors that is if anyone goes there anymore. Merkel will have the blood of thousands on her hands along with those who support this swarm of Illegal Economic Immigrants because it will encourage more of them to try the dangerous deadly sea crossing. I have used the word Economic Migrants deliberately as to call them REFUGEES is an insult to those who live in these worn torn countries, these Migrants have travelled through several safe countries to reach Germany the Land they think of as the Land of Milk and Honey, yet when the arrive they will live in the poverty stricken areas of Germany, Cities which will become Ghettos. Yes they will get work but it will be low paid as the Germans needs workers.
If Germany wants a 100, 000 low paid workers from the war torn parts of the World that is OK with me as long as they do not come to the UK BUT they should only accept the genuine people in need from the UN refugees Camps these are the real people in need, the people who do not have thousands of pounds to pay people smugglers, they can be vetted, be transported safely and enter the Country legally. David Cameron has done this and it sends a message you can only enter the UK legally trying to force your way in will not work. If all countries done this we would not have the problem with this Swarm of Illegal Economic Migrants
Here are some comments from Newspapers
Remember it's not only immediate welfare payments and housing these people need... Long term health cover, schooling, dentistry and finally state pensions when they get older. Can any country afford this?
I get the family's/children the old and sick.....but why are all these able bodied young men fighting the police when they should be fighting for their country.
Wrong headline Even if they were one refugees, they're in clearly a SAFE eu country - Hungary And they are trying to move on.. that makes them either MIGRANTS or ECONOMIC MIGRANTS!!!!

If a British parent took a 3 year old on a Boat Ride in the sea on a dangerous boat in dangerous conditions and the child died the parents would be charged with mans slaughter. Why has the parent of this innocent child not been charges? To make the excuse he is a refugee is wrong he had come from Turkey

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