Sunday, September 13, 2015

Karaoke X Factor

Its been raining so we sat in the Caravan and I had to endue that Karaoke Programme called X Factor nearly all the female singers sound the same and the whole programme is boring, oh I forgot the crying it is well past its sell by date. Yet on Saturday there were to Gospel group one male group singing Soul music and a female group singing Gospel music. What made them so good was the fact that sung as if they were in Church singing to our Lord, that passion and belief gave everyone a lift. As for the Judges the only one I knew was that Simon Cowell who has proved himself as a Talent Spotter as for the rest the wife tell me they are singers. To make them Judges is ridiculous its like say a good Judo/Sambo Competitor can automatically become a good coach  absolutely Rubbish

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