Sunday, September 13, 2015

Caravan-Connie-F Word

I thoroughly enjoy using my Caravan something I have done for more then ten years but this year we booked at a site for the season at Park Holidays Swalecliffe Whitstable and it has been great. The great thing with the Caravan you can have your Grandchildren with you, this started with grand daughter Connie who would travel with us to several different sites, she is now 17 and to old to want be with Granddad but Val and myself had some memorable occasions with her. Now it is the turn of Poppy and George.

Staying at one site I thought would be boring but far from it as we have found some brilliant places just an hour from our home, which we have ignored in the past. Towns like Whitstable and Broadstairs both being quintessentially English, two towns you never get tired with.
On Saturday we travelled to Broadstairs again on the way we stopped at an Argos, while writing my order there was a man in his fifties with his wife and every other word they used was F##k . What is it with people that they have use the F word all time? The same happened when we visited the Charles Dickens Pub, a nice clean pub with good food but had three middle-aged men swearing continually I was going to say something but as Val said why bother as the Manager never stopped them why should you

I can recommend a Caravan to anyone

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