Friday, September 04, 2015

Cameron to allow Syrian Refugees into the UK

It comes as no surprise that Cameron is offering to allow a few thousand Syrian to come to the UK, pressure by the EU dictatorship and the Lefty UN has been immense BUT at least he has done it in the correct manner by taking Syrian Refugees for the UN refugees Camps bordering Syria. These are the people who do not have the money to pay Human Traffickers and buy food unlike the ones at Calais and in Hungary. He has also said we will take a few thousand not 10's of thousands
In Hungary they are abiding by EU Rules but do they get support from Germany NO! those stuck on the train are being offered place in Refugee Camp with are humane and where they can apply for entry to EU countries BUT no they demand to go to Germany. The German Government are to blame for this as they have said they will take on 100,000 of them, why this amount? it has been reported it is just for financial gain as Germanys population is dropping and they need the work force. Well let them have them as long as we leave the EU we will have no obligation to take them BUT if we stay in the EU we be legally obliged to take them
The recent death of the little boy and his brother has brought many facts forward and the major one was they had been living in the safe haven of Turkey for the last year NOT escaping from Syria. Radio 4 this morning  interviewed an English Speaking Syrian women at the Hungarian Train amongst all the tears she said she had travelled from safe countries in the Middle East for several years and had ended up in Turkey and why does she want to leave Turkey because the Turkish language was difficult to understand. 

Below are two articles worth reading putting things into perspective

The pity is, we can't help them all: MAX HASTINGS says a purely emotional response could put at risk our very way of life

Those who clamour for us to accept the victims of the Syrian calamity as a matter of common humanity are guilty of a refusal to acknowledge that these represent only a small fraction of the host of people bent upon making themselves Europeans. Those to blame for what is happening are many. Above all, the EU’s policy of permitting untrammelled internal movement, and the consequent dismantling of frontiers, has been a ghastly mistake.
Any further emergency relaxation of the level of border security, so as to permit a fresh wave of migrants and refugees, would simply produce results little less effective than if we abandoned our national defences to permit an invasion of armed enemies.

A generation ago, this overcrowded island had a population of just 50 million. Now we have more than ten million more, and the number is increasing annually at a staggering rate, even before the latest surge.
As for those critics who denounce Britain’s cautious response to the refugee crisis as ‘racism’, how can it be wickedly ‘racist’ to resist opening our doors to untold numbers of people from entirely different cultures, whom experience suggests have no desire to embrace our values?
More than eight million people live in Britain who were not born here. Last year, the population increased by an acknowledged 330,000, probably far more with the inclusion of illegals.
If we go on like this, if we give way to the whims of the liberal judiciary, the compassion lobby, the euro-fanatics, the character of this country — indeed, that of all Europe — will have changed beyond recognition within a generation.

UK does more than rest of EU put together: JAMES SLACK's analysis of the millions Britain gives in aid

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